A Rant About Too Many Boats

The DEQ refuses to take into consideration, as it ponders the expansion of the new marina from 20 slips to 54; the study that was done showing that Gun Lake is operating at 167% capacity.  The dangers of a crowded lake were made all too obvious by the tragic boat crash that occurred Saturday afternoon.


This crash happened near the new Landing Marina and the gas station – emergency services were set up in the front yard of my friend who lives next door to the gas station.  I am keeping the victims in my prayers and encourage others to do the same.

That same friend had been out earlier on a 27′ tri-toon, and said they got swamped by waves created by all the boat traffic – she wonders if the two boaters couldn’t see each other?

Please, everyone – be extra careful out there…..


Dam Replacement and Water Level

A nice letter from Jim Dull, (Barry County Drain Commissioner) was sent out, explaining that a Special Assessment District will be set up to fund the replacement of the dam.   (I think I’ve explained this in previous posts)  Basically, they wish to use the same system that has been in place for over a decade to fund the Gun Lake Improvement Board, who oversees keeping our lake clean and relatively-free of aquatic invasive species.  Easy-peasy.  They will have a public court hearing on July 31st, 2017 at 1:30 PM at the Hastings Courthouse to establish this Special Assessment District for the dam replacement.  It’s a good plan, in my opinion – it shares the financial burden amongst everyone who owns property with lake access.  And the new dam will be relatively inexpensive, as major projects go.

But there’s one item that they are stressing, and I will too: the lake water level will NOT be changed.  There’s actually a Michigan Statute that sets the level of our lake.

In 1921, the water level was officially set at 744.32′ above sea level.  Now, using far more sophisticated measurement devices and standards, the lake will be set at 743.90′ NAVD88.  It sounds lower; but it’s not.  On the other hand – the dam is even more saggy/leaky than it was last year; so our low water levels this summer will seem pretty darn low.  When the new dam brings the level back up to its 1921 height – it will feel like the lake was “raised”.

Since my readers are brilliant and eloquent, I’m hoping you’ll all help squelch the rumors 🙂

The FINAL Cuddy Drain Meeting: June 14th

This amazing project is done.   It’s a true picture of cooperation between our County and Township governments and their citizens; and more importantly, of a group of residents who stepped forward, demanded changes, and paid the price [literally $$$$] to protect Gun Lake!!!  I feel so honored to have met and worked with these incredible people – thanks to their dedication (and dollars!), a toxic little creek was cleaned up, shored up; and no longer poses a threat for those who enjoy our beautiful lake!

The meeting will be on Wednesday June 14th (the MDARD notification is saying the 13th, until you open the document, where it says the 14th) at the Yankee Springs Township Hall at 10 AM.  Dan Fredricks, (our favorite Engineer!) has laid out a Maintenance Plan for the future, so that our children, grandchildren, etc will have the guidelines and information they need to maintain this new and improved Cuddy Drain.

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

The DEQ Public Comment period for the proposed Marsh Rd Marina Expansion (to 54 slips) will be open until Friday June 9th.  If you didn’t speak at the meeting, or were unable to attend and would like to voice your opinion – here’s your chance!

Please mention the file #08-11925 Marsh Rd; and the DEQ submission #2NV-M2FV-ZZTZ

You can send a letter to:

State Of Mich DEQ, Water Resources Div       350 Ottawa Ave NW     Grand Rapids, MI 49503

You can Phone: (616) 356-0500

You can email Audrie Kirk, DEQ Agent at:   kirka3@michigan.gov

If you are tired of the lack of DEQ and Barry County Zoning oversight on this project, (I have an entire page of errors, omissions, and violations) you can complain to:

State Representative Julie Calley at: Michigan House of Representatives, N-1191 House Office Bldg,   Lansing, MI 48933    Phone (517) 373-0842  Email: JulieCalley@house.mi.gov

State Senator Mike Nofs at:   SEIU Michigan State Council,   100 North Capitol Ave,   Lansing, MI 48933  Phone (517) 373-2426

Governor Rick Snyder at:   P.O.Box 30013,   Lansing, MI 48909.   Phone (517) 373-3400

Thank you for your support!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!

OK – I’ll admit that I got a little misty last night as I turned into the Orangeville Township Hall driveway to see that the parking lot was packed, overflowing out into the adjacent fields…. thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to the DEQ Public Comment meeting, and speaking your mind respectfully and eloquently.  I found it amazing, how our huge lake can still come together as a united community when there’s an issue that affects the lake!

There were some head-scratchers – like the absence of an Environmental Impact survey?  How can the agency named “Environmental Quality” ignore something like that??  How can there even BE a marina in a district zoned against it?  Or how could they issue the first Marina Permit without all their marina requirements being met??   As my dear husband says – “How can you do something first, then comply later?  What if I opened a restaurant – then complied with the Health Department after it had been open for a year??”

At any rate,  the DEQ should surely realize now that they gave us NO Public Notice for last year’s marina permit, because we lake residents take our “Guardianship of Our Waters” seriously.  And I LOVE YOU for that!!

DEQ Marina Expansion / Public Comment Tonight

Tonight’s the night that those who wish, can comment (and be counted!) to the DEQ on the proposed expansion of the Marsh Rd marina from 20 to 54 slips plus a boat launch.  They recently made some public comments that on May 26th they started building restrooms (and you KNOW that made me crazy-happy!); but a call this morning to Professional Code Inspections shows no Plumbing Permits have been applied for 😦

Another phone call confirmed another claim that a crosswalk will be painted on Marsh Rd, which is great news because that area is so congested on weekends……

The meeting will be held at the Orangeville Township Hall on Lindsey Rd, at 6 PM.  There is ample parking in front, and behind the building.