The Friends of the Cuddy Drain is a volunteer group of “Water Watchdogs” dedicated to keeping this little  historical creek healthy and safe for its residents, both animal and human.  We’re a work-in-progress, so expect to see lots of changes as we grow!


To minimize large woody debris that can dam up and create flooding; offers an organic base for fecal pathogens to thrive; and poses a navigational hazard to boaters in the Cuddy Channel and on Gun Lake.

Limit erosion and the resulting sand and sediments that fills in the drain and the channel;  provides safe harbor for pathogens; and is costly for residents to remove.

Limit nutrients and fecal pathogens from agricultural runoff that promote nuisance weed and algae growth, and make the water unsafe for human contact.

To attain these goals, we’ll work hand-in-hand with State, County and Township officials, and members of regulatory agencies like the DEQ, to provide accurate information and situational monitoring.


One thought on “About

  1. I was only recently made aware of the efforts to consider rebuilding Patterson bridge and getting the Cuddy Channel cleaned up. I was referred to your website by Russ Yarger. I really applaud your enormous effort in trying to get the Cuddy Channel cleaned up and the e coli levels reduced. We live on Island drive and my wife recalls being able to swim in the channel in the early 80’s. Clearly, that hasn’t been possible in some time.

    If there is any way that I can assist in supporting the efforts for a better channel, please reach out to me. gunlake2048@att.net


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