We Need You: Zoning Meeting Monday Jan 22nd 7PM

This is a critical meeting, regarding the Landing At Gun Lake Marina. Mr Spoor is asking for a “Text Amendment” to the Barry County zoning regulations for Mixed-Use Zoning.

This is what I learned from our lawyer: “Mixed-Use” is exactly what it implies: a nice mixture of homes and low-impact businesses.  The regulations suggest possible business uses, and also specifically mentions things that are not allowed, including marinas*.  A Zoning Variance to change these regulations for a piece of property requires a Public Hearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals.  A Text Amendment asks for the wording of the regulation to be changed.  In Mr Spoor’s case, he’d like to have the word “marina” moved to the “possible business” side, so he can run his marina legally AND enlarge it.  Of course, changing the wording also means that everyone else along that side of the lake who is zoned Mixed-Use, can likewise apply for a marina permit.  Clearly, amending text in a zoning regulation is opening a can of worms…..

*Yes, Mattesons have a long-standing, active DEQ Marina Permit.  They have been on Gun Lake for generations – they are grandfathered-in.  Opposing the Text Amendment will not affect them in any way.

So back to the meeting: this a Zoning Meeting – and they know this is a hot-button topic.  They have moved their meeting to a larger facility than the Courthouse Mezzanine: the Commission On Aging building at 320 W Woodlawn Ave in Hastings.  It’s .8 miles north of the old Courthouse, at the corner of Broadway and W Woodlawn.  Here’s a map of its location just north of downtown Hastings:

The meeting starts at 7 PM; there will be a break at 8:30 PM.

Last week, Mr Spoor had asked the Orangeville Township Board to support his proposed Text Amendment to the Barry County Zoning Board.  I hear 100+ people showed up for that meeting; and the Township Board denied his request.  After the break, Mr Spoor spoke to the Twp Board and the remaining crowd, and rescinded his request.

If you would like our Township representatives to hear your voice, or you just want to see/hear what happens next – please set aside Monday Jan 22nd at 7 PM.  To those who have attended meetings in the past, or written letters to our elected officials, I offer you my sincerest THANK YOU!


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