Circuit Court Dam Meeting 7/31/17

The Gun Lake dam replacement process took another step forward: today, Circuit Court Judge Amy McDowell signed the paperwork setting the boundaries for the Special Assessment District; and re-affirming the lake level at the same altitude as was set back in 1921 and again in 1950.

Another meeting will be held, probably in a couple of months, that will outline how the assessment will be figured (based on linear feet of frontage, acreage, or simply by parcel?). There seemed to be concern in the crowd attending, that the State (Yankee Springs State Park) and Allegan (Allegan County Park) pay their fair share. Of course that seems more than “proper” – if the lake disappeared, who would pay to attend those parks? On the other hand, how can we force them to actually white a check?

Stay tuned for the “Write a letter to your State Representative” campaign 😉

And as a P.S: After watching 130+ amazing Cuddy Channel residents fork over $6600+ EACH in assessments in order to preserve a clean, safe Gun Lake – I will not be sympathetic towards whining about the puny assessment (rumored to be around $200) it will cost each property owner to preserve our beautiful lake.

Gun Lake is priceless and we all know it.


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