Clarification Of My Previous Post

As I watch the meteoric climb of views for my previous post about not getting ice cream, I realize a LOT of people who don’t know me, the Cuddy Drain issue, or our lake neighborhoods, are reading that and perhaps getting the wrong message?

I believe in fairness.  That’s what this blog has ALWAYS been about.

My blog post was not about Mr Spoor – he is also a tax-and-assessment-paying Gun Lake resident and GLPA supporter; and he’s invested a gob of money and time into this project. In all fairness, the 20-slip marina as it stands now, is attractive; and added exactly ONE more slip to the lake than was previously there all these years. If I’m peeved at him, it’s because his marina took away our ice cream-getting boating fun with the grandkids.  We’ll still get ice cream – we’ll do it by car.

My gripe is with the DEQ’s failings (particularly in communication and enforcing their own requirements), the lack of township/county/state regulations surrounding a proposed project like this; and as I said: not one (elected) person is looking at the big picture and able to resolve the local residents’ complaints. Or at least I haven’t found anyone yet.

My previous post was to let Gun Lake residents know they FINALLY had a chance to voice their concerns to the DEQ at the Public Hearing on May 30th. I hope we pack the Orangeville Township Hall so they (and others) understand that we DO care what happens to our lake; and I pray that we will overwhelm the DEQ with our patience and respect; thoughtful questions; and politely-worded statements.  Need a good example?  Go back and read about how the Cuddy Channel residents handled a HUGE problem with dignity, patience, cooperation and resolve; even when it cost them over $6600 per lot.  (Yeah – I’m really proud of that bunch!)


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