No More Boat Trips to Get Ice Cream?

I realize that most of my readers live on the north side of the lake, but there is a proposed 54-slip marina on the south side of the lake that will affect all of us negatively, in one way or another.  “The Landing Marina” wants to be 265′ wide and extend 138′ into the lake, right in front of Lakeside Pizza and the Ice Cream parlor.  This will be the ONLY dock for the 300′ of frontage;  a couple of properties to the east were purchased, also.  All 54 proposed slips will be rented seasonably, effectively blocking access to our favorite pizza and ice cream.

The marina would also like to have its own boat ramp that will halt traffic on Marsh Rd every time it’s used.  In reading documents connected to this DEQ application, I see the words “gas dock” and “permanent pilings” tossed in.  The one requirement the DEQ stipulates is that a Sanitary Pumpout (a way to empty marine porta-potties) be installed, since there are NO facilities for this nearby.  We need to demand that stipulation not be waived – keep our lake clean and safe!!

Somehow, the new owner of that stripmall containing our boating noshes, managed to get a 20-slip Marina Permit last summer.  He did a good job of running that under the radar of the GLPA – we never heard a word about it.  “Conveniently” – the Public Notices for that were sent to people who have no connection to the lake whatsoever [insert Angry Face]

The frustrating part of all this, is that there’s not ONE regulatory entity that can step back and see the Big Picture: where are all these people going to park their vehicles (some with trailers)?; where are they going to park to unload their gear for a day on the lake?  What bathroom facilities can they use?  Where will they put their trash?  How will the already-heavy traffic on Marsh avoid running down an extra hundred pedestrians?  Who will be the first snowmobiler/ATV rider to crash into a piling or concrete ramp, since they all hug the shoreline through there.  How could we clean up a fuel spill?  Our lake is already over capacity; why are we adding boat slip rentals for non-residents??  We residents are already paying extra assessments to clean up the invasive species brought in by visiting boats – why would we encourage more??

There has been enough outcry by the south-side lake residents (THANK YOU!!!) that the DEQ is now offering a Public Hearing on the proposed marina expansion.  It will be held Tuesday May 30th, at 6 PM at the Orangeville Twp Hall, 7350 Lindsey Rd, Plainwell.

The following is a public document available to the public via the DEQ’s MiWaters website:

I’m begging you to attend; and then maybe we can all stop for ice cream in our cars…..  the nice man who rents the ice cream store location is going to need a bit of help since 25% of his business has just been eliminated.




12 thoughts on “No More Boat Trips to Get Ice Cream?

  1. I do not live on Gun Lake but I can certainly understand why this would be a detriment to those which have invested on property there. If it were me I would not want this change.

  2. please tell in what way does this benefit the area? I see no positives, Well I do see one for the land owner 60-70K in slip income.

  3. My family has owned a seasonal-use cottage in the SW corner of the lake for almost a century, and this would be a terrible development if it happens. But I am wondering, who now owns the frontage from the gas station to the ice cream parlor? If it is the shop owners, as I have assumed since there has always been (in my memory anyway) public boat docking for these businesses, then how can the state come in any give away their riparian access rights?

  4. Hi Deb. a couple of clarifications: The name of the street you are referring to is Torsten h.
    Also, the residents of Sam’s Landing have had their docks in the lake in front of that business for decades…well over the time necessary for adverse possession. It takes money to go to court to stand up for what is right.

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