Important Notes from the April 12th Drain Meeting!

I hope Pat Gillespie will forgive me for copy-and-pasting her comments, but she’s giving us important information!! Please read and spread the word:

[from Pat]

I took off time from work to attend the Cuddy Drain Meeting April 12, 2017, this past Wednesday. Here are a few takeaways from the meeting in case folks haven’t heard:
The dredging is due to be finished by May 1 at which time the sedimentation curtain stretched across the channel will be removed. If May 1 is not met, the contractor will be penalized daily. The work is now focused on cleaning out any remaining high spots missed the first time through. Second, you do not need a state permit to re-install any temporary/non-permanent docks. You might need a permit if you removed a permanent dock and intend to re-install it–the board and contractor didn’t know for sure, but they said they would check and let us know. This last point raised some concern among public attendees, as you can imagine. Please help spread the word on these points with your Cuddy Channel neighbors and seasonal property owners. Obviously folks are eager to get their boats back in the water, but we all have to wait until we are sure the channel is open at the mouth. Don’t get stuck like I did. I have a seasonal property and can’t see the barrier closing the channel from my location. I didn’t see the May 1 date anywhere so like every year I arranged to have my pontoon delivered the State Park in early April regardless of rain, snow or sunshine–it’s a long tradition dating back decades. Imagine my shock and surprise when we approached the channel and saw that barrier! I had to pay extra to have my pontoon pulled out again and stored until a future unknown date. Sigh. On a positive note, the channel has a beautiful volume of water with ample depth. What a great job and really good people to work with. Thank you!


Thank you again, Pat – I forgot the impact the sedimentation curtain makes!!!


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