Public Hearing for Fracking Disposal Well

I would like to invite everyone to attend this meeting at the Hastings Public Library Community Room on Wednesday April 19th from 6 to 9 PM.  The EPA is offering public comment on Arbor Drilling (Traverse City, MI) seeking a permit to turn an existing well into a Disposal Well for drilling brine.  The proposed well is less than 13 miles from Gun Lake.

Why should we care?:

  1.  Drilling Brine, usually produced in the course of Fracking an oil or gas well, isn’t always as harmless as advertised.  It’s often used for dust control on rural roads, and there have been “accidents” when more toxic/corrosive components from fracking have been applied to roads with bad results.  At best, local farmers have complained about the corrosiveness being harmful to farm machinery.  More and more townships (the entity in charge of dust control) have banned the use of brine in their areas
  2. I remember talking to Mike Shelton, a well inspector from the State’s Oil/Gas/Mineral department, and he said that the shale in lower Michigan, is difficult to frack because it’s too porous.  If it’s too porous to frack, then in MY opinion,  it’s too leaky to contain drilling brine.
  3. But here’s the biggie: if we start allowing disposal wells in our area, are we creating another situation like Oklahoma?  Seismologists/geologists have finally accepted that disposal wells are the cause of earthquake swarms in OK.
  4. Basically, wastewater from drilling, when injected deep in the ground, lubricates underground fault lines and allows them to slip past each other more easily.  Michigan DOES have fault lines, as evidenced by the 4.2M earthquake experienced two years ago, along a fault line that runs from Coldwater to Kalamazoo and beyond?   We have zero proof, but I and many other Gun Lake residents feel strongly that that earthquake was responsible three weeks later, for the breach of the Gun Lake Dam.  Even if the breach wasn’t caused by the earthquake, my house, and MANY others in the Gun Lake area, are built over layers of peat.  Let’s face it, Barry County is mostly swamp and our homes are built on the equivalent of “Jello”.  Nothing in Michigan is built to Earthquake Standards – we can NOT risk creating earthquakes due to a Traverse City company’s need for more disposal sites.

3 thoughts on “Public Hearing for Fracking Disposal Well

  1. Deb, your analysis and communication actions are above and beyond the ” call of duty”, and I , for one as a former Cuddyite, Applaud you!
    The current Cuddyites and all greater Gun Lake residents should chip in and buy you a fabulous dinner for two, perhaps at … Gun Lake Diner… just kidding– at the destination of your choice with all US travel and hotel expenses included! 🤔😅😇

    Take Care, my friend, and Happy Easter!

    Jim Bidol 😎😎😎

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