Presentation of Dam Replacement (A must-read!)

There will be a Barry County Commission of the Whole meeting on April 4th, 9 AM, at the Barry County Courthouse/Commission Chambers. A presentation will be given by Dan Fredrick, Land and Resource Engineering, regarding the replacement of our dam. Dan has given me permission to link to his report:  (thank you, Dan!)

If you don’t have time to read the 61 pages (it’s fascinating stuff,  really!) – here’s the upshot of all the engineering work:
The sandy soil under the dam will continue to erode.
A new sheet-piling dam, driven down 15′ should be built just in front of the existing dam.
Cost: $300,000
Assessed via GLIB’s structure; plus contributions from the townships that abut the lake.

Deb’s note/opinion: we need to share this cost further upstream, to include at least Payne Lake; and downstream throughout the Dam-failure Flood Zone.  A battle we’ll save for later…..


Lost a Rowboat?

After yesterday’s hurricane-force winds, an aluminum rowboat has moved itself to Brandon Love’s house at 12743 Valley.  He said it’s anchored pretty well in the sand, so will probably stay put.  Given how strong the winds were – also ask your friends on Payne Lake if anyone is missing a boat….LOL! <just kidding, I hope?>