Meeting notes: dredging is NOT done

I’ll stick this right at the top because it’s so  important: the dredging has been suspended due to the weather. The dredgers will return in the spring to finish any areas that need touching up.

This is kind of nice – it gives Cuddy and Island residents time to assess their channel frontage!

Dan Fredricks was kind enough to send me a copy of his presentation (with lots of photos!)  If you double-click the line below this, it opens up a second link which will take you to the PDF presentation.  (I’m not techno-smart enough to make this happen more gracefully – my apologies)


Or – if you want the short, sweet version:  all of the goals set forth by the Cuddy and Island residents at the very beginning of this project, have either been met; or are very close to being finalized!!  And the new bridge is beautiful!!


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