A little birdie (Todd Foote, actually) told me that there will be a silt fence/curtain installed at the lake end of the Cuddy Channel. If you know anyone who still has a boat in the water – it needs to be removed ASAP!! Their access to a boat ramp will be blocked.

Also, Todd mentioned the proposed dredging will go up the Island Dr channel first; then from the marina to the Upper Cuddy Channel; and finally, downstream to the lake. I suspect that the DEQ permit needed for dredging, stresses protecting the lake from sediment??

The owner of the dredging company told me he’ll be able to do about 4 houses per day? He won’t sneak up on you, and if you need help moving a boat lift, he might be able to help, provided you sign a waiver?  The barges and long-reach excavator are in place at the marina!


Bridge Closure Timeline


This morning I attended a pre-construction meeting with ALL the folks who will be working on the bridge replacement (called Contract #1).  I’ll just outline some of the stuff covered, and important dates.

The Patterson Bridge will be closed from October 3rd through the 28th.  Allegan will authorize the final financing on Tuesday Sept 27th; construction folks will probably arrive on the next day to start staking and preparing the site.

Almost all the utilities will have to be re-routed temporarily (except gas).  Electric, phone, and cable lines are overhead, where the crane will need to work.  (Sewer and gas lines run under the bridge, but won’t be interrupted).  Expect temporary outages.  Sorry.

The Cuddy Drain will be diverted around the bridge while the construction is underway.

Once the bridge is replaced, work will begin upstream (west side of Patterson) – the first project will be to open the Sedimentation Basin, to catch anything stirred up by the work being done upstream.  Above the basin, upper culvert replacement might occur yet this year – or be put off until spring so that remediation efforts like topsoil/seed/mulch, don’t get washed out over the winter.

At approximately the same time the bridge replacement starts next week, the dredging will start (Contract #2).  The dredgers will utilize the marina, and work outward from that point.  Expected completion will be the end of November.

There was also discussion on where to park workers’ vehicles and trailers; and to impede traffic and nearby homes as little as possible.  WE, as the general public, need to extend patience and cooperation towards this project so it gets done as quickly as possible!