More Dam Stuff….

At last night’s Cuddy Drain Informational Meeting, I had asked Russ Yarger about the dam; specifically, that I had heard that Barry County owns the property under the dam. I had been hoping that the inevitable replacement would be a Gun River Intercounty Drainage Board project, since it would involve the same 3 awesome people (Russ, Denise Medemar, and Brady Harrington) I’ve been working with on the Cuddy.

Russ said that even if the County handles the dam replacement as a Public Works Project, they still have the ability to create Special Assessment Districts, similar to what the Drainage Board does. In other words, no matter WHO tackles the replacement, we can ALL pay for it. And now we’re talking thousands of homes sharing that burden, not just a hundred or so (like the Patterson Bridge Replacement)….

Stay tuned!


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