Wait A Minute – Is The Cuddy A Drain Or A Stream???

I just read something VERY interesting in the latest edition of the Allegan County News:


In this article about a collapsed 48″ culvert in Otsego Township requiring a road to be closed, Joan Squibbs, Township Treasurer, expresses concern that the DEQ will mandate what kind of crossing must be put in, saying that another road has been closed for 5 years and repairs held up due to the very expensive replacement (rather than a cheaper culvert) demanded by the DEQ.

Supervisor Brian Winn said it wasn’t an issue.  He said “This is considered a drain by the state; the other is considered a stream”.

Wait a minute – wait just a doggone minute.

It’s the DEQ who is requiring Patterson’s  crossing of the Cuddy Drain to  be an enormous 16′ wide open concrete bridge.  Can you say “expensive“???  If Mr Winn is correct and the DEQ gets a say in the matter, then the Cuddy is a STREAM and the residents shouldn’t have to be assessed for its cost.

If the residents ARE going to be assessed, then the Cuddy is a DRAIN and the DEQ needs to butt out and let us replace the bridge with a less-expensive alternative.